URSA Awards 2017
12th Annual

"Reach Beyond The Stars"


Category 6

Large Bear or Bud -
" to 20" outfitted -  Any materials

Large photographs are shown so you can see and judge each bear's details.
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Humboldt is an 18” bear made from imported faux fur in blended of shades of brown from medium brown to chocolate brown. 5-way jointed. Stuffed with Super fluff and a pillow of steel beads. European glass eyes and an embroidered nose. Paws are made from dark brown leather.  He wears a old-fashioned glasses, a velvet bow tie, and a steam punk adorned stove-pipe hat.


Sandra Czaja

Notchlok Bears - Whitehorn, California USA




Ballerina Odette is 16" (40cm) tall and made from alpaca. Filled with wool, rubber and glass granules. Glass eyes. Hand made ballerina costume and pointe shoes which are embroidered with silk threads and beads. 5-way joints.

Tatyana Samotoshina
Fly - Bears - Saint Petersburg, Russia



Carla 17,7” tail and fashioned in a classic bear design. Made from mohair fleece. Stuffed with wood wool and steel granules. 6-way cotter pins jointed. Glass eyes. Ears and paw pads are the reverse side of the mohair. Bear is dressed in a linen dress and a handbag with cross stitch. OOAK.

Nataliya Ryazanova
Vita Comoda Teddy - Moscow, Russia




Apollo is 16" tall, OOAK Spirt Bear made of white mohair. No pattern used to create his needle felted face that is rooted into the mohair. Needle sculpted, scissor sculpting and hand shading. He has a lower lip needle felted as part as his face coloured then sealed. Open/closed realistic glass eyes with upper and lower eye lid. Leather paw pads distressed and shaded. Acrylic nails shaped, colored and sealed on all four paws. Needle felted nose with layers of sealant, coloured and sanding to shape it. 8-way jointed. Armature in arms so they can bend. Each leg is jointed at hip, knee and ankle for bending. Instead of a neck joint a type of armature runs from the inside head down the body like a spine that can bend.

Linda Hearn
Critters Creations - Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada



Skitterscat is a 15 1/2" tall scarecrow bear. Made from alpaca . Very detailed artist-made outfit and hat. Ultra suede foot pads that are embroidered. Glass eyes,

Diana Watts

DiBears - Naples, Florida USA





Carolyn is a Gossip Journalist that is 20" tall. Made from Schulte dense tipped mohair with German hand blown glass eyes, wearing a vintage lace and permanent press pleat dress, with a vintage hat. Attached to her arms are a handmade wooden cigarette holder and a gold filled propelling pencil and a blue marble effect fountain pen. Vintage Remington portable typewriter; vignette is 21"tall by 15" across with Carolyn sitting on the opened case.


Jan Cuming

Jinglebears, Wellington New Zealand

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