URSA Awards 2017
12th Annual

"Reach Beyond The Stars"

Category 11

Panda, Polar & Realistic Bears - All sizes, all materials.

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Li-Ling is a 14" (36cm) panda made from alpaca. Stuffed with natural wool and rubber pellets. Variable neck and arm construction with 8 joints. Glass eyes. Paw pads and now are needle felted.


Tatyanna Samotoshina

Fly-Bears - Saint Petersburg, Russia




Chloe is 10" tall OOAK panda made with white and black alpaca Schulte mohair. Black German glass eyes. Nose is hand sculpt and varnished. 6-way jointed. Lockline in her tail. Stuffed with poly-fil, wool and steel shot. Needle sculpted paw pads with coffee leather. Claws hand made with polymer clay. She wears a hand made pink tulle tutu.

Annalisa Taddei
The Tuscany Bear Maker - Marina di Pisa, Tuscany Italy




Fu-Ban, 2” from head to tail, made from long-pile and Ultra-suéde, with wired spine running from head to tail, legs are both jointed and wired, open mouth with modelled teeth and Ultra-suéde tongue, stitched paw pads with modelled claws, black German glass-eyes with stitched eyelids, stuffed with fiber-fil and steel shot. 

Natascha Sabo
LeftyBears - Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany






Peony is 17" tall black, brown and white Schulte alpaca panda with dark brown leather paws. Medium topaz English glass eyes with needle felted lids. 6-way joints (double neck joint). Open/close mouth, sculpted muzzle and paws. Wired arms and legs. Hand sculpted nose and claws. Lockline spine and stuffed with sheep's wool and soft pellets.

Silke Hirschfelder
The Mountaineers - Goslar, Neidersachsen Germany





Arthur is a OOAK bear made from reddish-brown mohair. 22” tall. His face is sculpted using epoxy clay. Paws are sculpted from polyurethane and have epoxy clay claws. Realistic glass eyes. 4-way joints and limbs and spine with Loc-line for posing. Stuffed with a mixture of Poly-fil and plastic pellets. Hand sculpted bowl and spoon from epoxy clay and then airbrushed to look like an old wooden bowl.

Anthony von-Reichert
Crown Critters - Carrollton, Texas USA






Wheatley Will is 17” tall and made of 1” long mohair and alpaca. Teddy bear cub has many realistic features which include his flat feet, long torso, natural coloration, sculpted nose, realistic eyes with eye white and leather lids, claws, a leather lip. Trapunto colored leather toes and pads.
6-way jointed with wire armatures for easy posing.

Mary Jardin Wimberley
Mary's Secret Garden - Wilmington, Delaware USA






Benton is a realistic style OOAK bear 14” tall and made of rusty brown mohair. No pattern used to create his needle felted face then rooted mohair into it. Needle sculpted, scissor sculpting and hand shading. He has a lower lip needle felted as part as his face colored then sealed. Open closed realistic glass eyes with upper and lower eye lid. Leather paw pads are distressed and shaded. Acrylic nails shaped, colored and sealed on all four paws
Needle felted nose with layers of sealant, coloured and sanding to shape it. 4-way jointed with armature in arms and legs so they can bend.

Linda Hearn

Critters Creations - Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada






Urzsula is 17 ½" (45cm) tall and made from Steiff Schulte alpaca. Taxidermy polar bear eyes. Doll armature in arms, legs and body Nose is hand sculpted epoxy clay. Fully jointed using lock-nuts, bolts and discs in arms and legs.
Stuffed with poly-fiber, glass pellets, wool and wood chips in muzzle. Mouth open/close, polymer clay jaw, hand sculpted paw pads of suede. Claws are hand sculpted polymer clay, He can standing on all 4 legs.

Irina Zlobin
True Bears - Chisinua - Republic of Moldova


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Wheatley Will




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