URSA Awards 2017
12th Annual

"Reach Beyond The Stars"


Category 12

Hippy-Hop Bunnies - All sizes, all materials.

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Nivens McTwisp is the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland standing 10" (25cm) tall. Made from extra long sassy  fur. 5-way disc jointed. Buzzard glass eyes. Hand made costume is all hand sewn.
He holds a tiny watch in his paw


Kay Cooper

Cooper Bears - Kelmscott, West Australia




Lavendel is a bunny 11" tall include her ears. Made with two mohair fabrics in green and lilac color. 5-way jointed and stuffed with poly-fil and beads. Amethyst color glass eyes and pink glass nose. Felt paw pads with embroidery, bead work and lace. Neck cuff in lavender and floral theme, in celebration of the joy of Spring. 

Angela Yip
PurplebeanBear - Kowloon, Hong Kong




Felix is OOAK 17” tall with another 7” added for ears. Created from thick, wavy cream mohair, along with recycled natural fur at his chest, muzzle. Detailed Trapunto style Ultra-suede paw pads and inner ears. German green glass doll eyes and sculpted epoxy clay eyelids and nose. 5-way jointing and wire armature in limbs and ears allows for posing. Stuffed with poly-fil, plastic pellets, and steel shot. Shaded with oils.

Tracy (Lee) Meier
ThimbleBeary Originals - Gilmore City, Iowa USA




Holly is 11" OOAK is made with natural alpaca Schulte mohair. Black German glass eyes. 5-way jointed and double cotter pin neck. Arms can be posed. Cashmere inner ears. Stuffed with poly fill, wool, steel shot, Paw pads are needle sculpted with brown thread. Hand made accessory.

Annalisa Taddei
The Tuscany Bear Maker - Marina di Pisa, Tuscany Italy



Jake the Jack Rabbit 
is a life size OOAK 21" tall, needle felted Western hare. Huacaya and Suri alpaca fiber, that is hand carded using a five-color blend, to create the realistic textured top coat. After needle felt application the hare was scissor sculpted for more definition. Nose, jowls, bottom lip, eyelids are needle felted firm. Antique amber glass eyes stitched in place. The ears are wet felted then colored. His toes are stitched with contrasting needle felted pads. Horsehair whiskers are applied. Completed with India ink highlights.

Stevi Tiongco
SteviT.'s Alpaca Encounters - New Milford, Pennsylvania USA





Viola Is 7" (18cm) tall, excluding ears. Sewn from mohair fleece. Densely packed sawdust and weighted with steel pellets. 6-way joints with cotter pins. Tinted pastel shading. The inner part of the ears is felt. Original technique to create the rabbit’s face. OOAK.

Nataliya Ryazanova
Vita Comoda Teddy - Moscow, Russia





Wilberry Wabbit is made from soft creamy white Shulte faux fur. English black glass eyes, is traditionally 5-way cotter pin jointed and is poly/steel shot. 9" tall to the top of his head or 13" to his extended ears. He has cream cashmere paw pads and inner ears and of course has a little white bunny tail. He has been both needle and scissor sculpted then subtly hand shaded. He is carrying his hand made felt carrot.

Lynn Bowie
Madabout Bears - Dalry Ayrshire, Scotland





Little White Bunny is 8" (20cm) tall made from plush. He has needle felted eye shadows and 5-way jointed. He is carrying a wool felted beetroot. He's very well-dressed wearing a beaded embroidered lace collar.

Dilys Pang
Dilys Bear & Craft Designs - Macau, China






Linnea is a 12 1/2 inch Bunny with another 4 inches in wired ears. She is made from airbrushed sheared lamb fur. dyed fox fur and bleached opossum fur. Embroidered feet pads on ultra suede. They are tuft. Scissor sculpted face.


Diana Watts

DiBears - Naples, Florida USA

At a Glance - All Entries in Category 12

Nivens McTwisp






Wilberry Wabbit

Little White Bunny





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