URSA Awards 2017

12th Annual

"Reach Beyond The Stars"


Category 10


The Animal Kingdom - All materials, all sizes.

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Nico is OOAK Body is from light beige faux fur 30” tall when he hangs,10” tall in sitting position He has a special designed armature that makes it possible to bend his wrist,elbows,ankles and knees. Lockline in his head and spine so that he can be posed in all sort of positions In his hands,fingers,feet and toes he has steel wire for grabing and holding himself He is 4-way jointed,filled with synthetic fabric. Face is from brown suede, brown glass eyes with suede eyelids. Hands and feet made from white long pile and brown suede,needle sculpted and shadowed. Nails from black fimo.

Miranda Rolfes
Miraberen - Zuid-Holland, Netherlands



Miss Chrissie Prickleberry stands 14" high and is fully jointed.  She also has wired arms and hands so that she can hold her toy hedgehog and the hem of her dress! She has sparkly glass eyes and embroidered features; made with mohair fabric and filled with polyester/pellets.  The clothes made by myself comprise of a cashmere cardigan and cotton dress trimmed with machine embroidery.


Sue Quinn

Bears by Sue Quinn - Paisley Renfrewshire, Scotland




Doc - a sleepy koala. I hope that you will like it, just like me.  The size of Doc is 32 cm standing and 25 cm sitting.  It is made of German two-color artificial fur, palm hands and eyelids from imitation of suede, pleasant to the touch.  All paws are reinforced, bent at the elbows and joints, each finger bends, Doc can take a leaf in the paw or catch on the tree branch.  His glassy light gray eyes open and close. Doc can be sleepy.  All fastenings on screws, a head on double сotter pins fastening.  Combined packing, natural sawdust, holofayber, mineral granulate.

Natalia Petelina
Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears - Odessa, Ukraine




George Standing approx 7,9 in/ 20,5 cm USED MATERIALS: Silk mohair. EYES: German glass JOINTS: Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks. FILLING: Sawdust and metal pellets. DETAILS: Tinted with oil paints.Embroidered nose, coated with a special varnish.

Irina  Arkhipova
Arkhipiova Bears - Moscow, Russia




Sayang is a young orangutan. Sitting 7'' (18cm). She has a spine, 4 joints and wire in each finger/toe. Her face is needle-felted, the fur is alpaca. Brown glass eyes. "Sayang" means Darling.

Christina Koenig
Christina Koenig Bears - Augsburg, Germany






Dusty is a red fox who is 15" tall and made of synthetic fur in red-brown, white and black. He has a Loc-Line armature and is filled with polyfill and glass granulate. Mouth can be opened exposing his sculped teeth, tongue and nose. Eyes are taxidermy eyes. Paws are needle sculpted with claws of clay. Nylon-whiskers are added.

Nadine Krebs
Star Moon Creations - Calden Hesse, Germany






Apples is a miniature Appaloosa donkey who stands at 9" to the top of his ears and is made from spotty faux fur with a mohair mane. English black glass eyes, is traditionally
5-way cotterpin jointed and poly/steel ball filled. He has been both needle and scissor sculpted. Subtle hand shaded to enhance his features. He is wearing his handmade felt carrot necklace.

Lynn Bowie
Madabout Bears - Dalry Ayrshire, Scotland


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Chrissie Prickleberry

Koala Doc






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