URSA Awards 2017
12th Annual

"Reach Beyond The Stars"

Category 5


Large Bare Bear or Bud, 13" to 20" -  Undressed. Any materials.

Large photographs are shown so you can see and judge each bear's details.
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Dud is 16" (40cm) tall and made from mohair. He has deluxe buzzard glass eyes and is 5-way wobble jointed. Hand made polymer clay nose. Hand shaded to give him an aged look and his scars are all hand sewn. Dud is a bear who is a little less than perfect and appears in a book, helping children conquer abuse and depression.

Kay Cooper
Cooper Bears - Kelmscott, West Australia




Bobo  is  16.5" tall OOAK and made with a blended beige brown black tissavel faux fur and cream Schulte mohair. Black German glass eyes and nose is hand sculpted polymer clay. Paw pads are hand sculpted. 1-way jointed body,   legs and arms can be posed. Stuffed with wool, polyfill, pellets in his tummy and steel shot.

Annalisa Taddei
The Tuscany Bear Maker - Marina di Pisa, Tuscany Italy




Boog is 17.7" (45cm) tall and made from Steiff Schulte faux fur. Eyes are taxidermy polar bear eyes. He has doll armature in arms, legs and body. Nose is hand sculpted epoxy clay. Fully jointed using lock/nuts bolts and discs in arms and legs. Filling is a combination of poly-fiber, glass pellets, wool and wood chips in muzzle. Mouth is open/close style and a polymer clay jaw. Paw pads are Ultra-suede with polymer claws. He can sit or stand on 4 legs.

Irina Zlobin
True Bears - Chisinua, Republic of Moldova




Fenton was created as one-of-a-kind in honor of the Fenton Glass Company. Made of 100% sunflower mohair with shaved mohair paw pads. An "F is" is appliqued on one foot pad. This 15" bear was made to be seated with the legs bending at the knee. It is stuffed with poly/fil and jointed at the neck, arms and legs with discs and cotter pins. Fenton has glass eyes, an embroidered nose and mouth. An organza ribbon ties in a bow at his neck with a hand-blown glass bead hanging from the bow.

Mary Ann Racheau

Racheau Bears - Las Vegas, Nevada USA





Ralphie is 20” tall, has airbrushed accents and is fully jointed so that he may sit comfortably wherever you choose to keep him.  Made from mohair and fully joined. He is stuffed with poly-fil, plastic pellets and zinc plated BBs.  OOAK.

Beth Anne Martin

Bears by Beth Anne - Coloma, Michigan USA 





Cotton Candy is 18” tall bear made from 1” long, soft pink and white imported faux fur. Stuffed with Super Fluff and a pillow of steel beads. Her large paw pads are made from white Ultra-suede. Cotton Candy has lidded English glass eyes and a pink embroidered nose. She has a little silver heart and pink ribbon on her head.

Sandra Czaja

Notchlok Bears - Whitehorn, California USA


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Cotton Candy


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