URSA Awards 2017
12th Annual

"Reach Beyond The Stars"


Category 14

Furry Pals, Cats, Dogs & Mice- all materials, all sizes.

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Ernie the Steampunk Biker Mouse is an OOAK needle felt creation 5" tall by 5" long (not including his 6" tail). Constructed with fiber needle felted over a wire armature exposing wire toes. Custom blend brown alpaca and camel fiber top coat with black onyx eyes and leather ears. The tail is progressive wooden discs of tan in black and brown, strung on wire to be posed. Needle felt features with India ink highlights. Real horse hair whiskers. He wears a black leather fringe vest adorned with beads and skull. A Heidi Ott top hat with gears and vintage goggles while riding a metal custom painted Radio tube Jet Pack Motorcycle. Firm needle felted and free standing.

Stevi Tiongco
SteviT.'s Alpaca Encounters - New Milford, Pennsylvania USA




Linda is a mouse standing 9" (23cm) tall and made from viscose. Paws are on the disks and splints. Glass eyes
Fully jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks and stuffed with sawdust, metal pellets, wood wool and glass pellets. She is wearing a cotton dress with lace, little buttons, silk lace and has leather shoes.

Anna Tsymbal
Aniteddys - Saint Petersburg, Russia




Sam the dog is 11" tall and made from golden Mohair fabric while ears and paws are made from mini fabric. Stuffed with Fiberfill over a Lockline skeleton that allows posing. The ears and the tail are shored up with wire. The muzzle with tongue and teeth, is movable. Black glass eyes, hand-sculpted nose. Needle sculpted paws with silicone foot pads.

Nadine Krebs
Star Moon Creations  - Calden Hesse, Germany





Teddy is a puppy who is made from soft white faux fur with alpaca ears. 10 1/2" tall and is 5-five way cotter pin jointed. English black glass eyes. He has been extensively both scissor and needle sculpted then hand shaded. Filled with poly and steel balls. Perle cotton nose and sculpted toes. He is wearing a red spotted neckerchief and silver-tone charms.

Lynn Bowie
Madabout Bears - Dalry Ayrshire, Scotland





Rocket and Groot Guardians of the Galaxy! Rocket it a
15 ½" raccoon made from raccoon fur and polar raccoon fur with Ultra-suede tufted paw pads. Dressed in his artist made Galaxy outfit. Wired arms and tail. Accompanied by his special friend Groot who is a 5 ½" wired needle felted friend living in his little flower pot. Lots of detail in each piece.

Diana Watts

DiBears - Naples, Florida USA

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Rocket & Groot




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