URSA Awards Competition

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Meet the 2012 URSA Winners


Listed by their First Names and in their own words.

Congratulations to all the URSA Award Winners!

Category 19, Entry 6

Lavender Bunny

Angela Yip

Ayip Bears

Kowloon, Hong Kong

First of all, thanks to all who have voted in support of Bunny Lavender.

More importantly, thanks to Bears&Buds for organizing the URSA Awards Competition, which is really an event not to be missed by teddy bear artists.

It is wonderful to see so many special bears from around the world. It also provides a momentum for me to keep up with my devotion in teddy bear creation because as a working woman, I really need a "deadline for submission" to help me set aside other priorities.

I particularly enjoyed this one pattern category and it is so exciting to see how the same pattern can turn out into so many bunnies with individual characters.

I look forward to the next URSA Awards Competition.

Until then, best wishes from Hong Kong to all bear artists!

Best regards,

Cindy's Pattern





Category 1, Entry 7

Category 2, Entry 4


Category 14, Entry 3



Anna Tide

Anna Tide

Bad Bergzabern, Germany

It was really stunning news for me to be one of the URSA Awards Competition winners in this year too!

I can't explain my happiness, because there was so many great artist to compete with!

The first huge thanks to all my collectors, all over the world, for loving my bears and for voting for us! Your support gives me a lot of inducement to go ahead.

I'd like to thank all the participants in the URSA Awards Competition too, you all are so talented!

And I'm very thankful to all my family for their support.

Thank you all so much!

Big hugs from southern Germany!



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Category 2 Entry 2

Category 4, Entry 2



Category 6, Entry 3


Annalisa Taddei

The Tuscany Bear Maker
Marina di Pisa, Tuscany -Italy


Hi everyone,

I’m so thrilled to have had  many winners this year!

First, thanks goes to my wonderful family who has always supported and encouraged my work!

Huge thanks, all over the world, for loving my bears and for voting for them, without  it, I couldn’t be here!

Many congratulations to all the URSA Awards Competition winners for their fantastic creations.

A particularly thank you to Valerie and her team for all their hard work in organizing another successful URSA Awards Competition.

I am filled with happiness and proud to be here this year with you all.

It’s great every year to be thinking of what I will enter in the next URSA Award Competition! This dream can  continue!

Bearyhugs for all!  


Category 9, Entry 4

Baldo & Amelie

Bears Repeating
Michaud's Book


Category 12, Entry 5


Category 19, Entry 4



Category 10,
Entry 1


Category 19, Entry 2

Panda Bunny

Berta Hesen-Minten

Horst-Hegelsom, Netherlands

I am so very, very pleased with the result, 2 entries made it into the  URSA finals, thanks to all of you wonderful people who voted for Panda Bunny and Victoria.

Thank you so very much for your votes and support!!

Thank you also to Valerie and her great team, to make the URSA work!!

I enjoyed the pattern challenge and if time permits, I sure will join again next year!!

Thanks so much!!



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Category 5, Entry 10


Category 12, Entry 8

Candi Taylor

Candi Bears

Winston, OR - USA

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this years contest.

It takes many to pull together this wonderful event, artists, voters, and the technical crew who list all these special creations.

I love creating new and sometimes unusual animals. This year has been great and I thoroughly enjoyed entering and look forward to next years categories.


Category 15, Entry 12

Hand painted sign

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bear pattern fabrics

Pizza from Papa Johns


Category 17 , Entry 3
Hang on!

Here We Come!

Celia Baham

Celia's Teddies

California - USA


It's truly an honor to be included with the many fine artists represented in the URSA Awards 2012 Competition.

Bears&Buds is to be commended for bringing out the "best of the best" for everyone to enjoy.

I enjoy the challenge of creating new designs. "Hang On! Here We Come!" is a whimsical look at Santa's daunting task. No comfortable sleigh ride here!

Thanks for your votes!

I'm glad you enjoyed "Hang On! Here We Come!"



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Category 8, Entry 2

Cinda Peterson

Walk a Dream

Gig Harbor, Washington - USA

I am thrilled to win this competition.

I have been needle felting for three years now and love it. I have worked in almost every art medium and found that I am in love with felting.

The very first sculpture that I felted seemed so natural to me, like I had been felting my whole life.

Bears&Buds USRA Awards Competition was the first competition that I entered. I won, and that encouraged me to enter the TOBY awards, which I won in 2010 and 2011.

Valerie has always been so encouraging with her amazing personality that is a sparkling light. I never would have entered the competitions without her encouraging words. Thank you for all of your hard work.

I am honored to win this competition and thank you to all who voted for me.




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Category 8, Entry 3
Sammy & Gitters

Denise Graham

Expressions by Neicie

Fort Myers, Florida - USA

This has been a very exciting year for me, being a new member of Bears&Buds.

I was so honored to be a featured artist in August 2012 and I also was overwhelmed with joy that I was recognized among the recipients of the 2012 URSA Awards.

There are so many talented artists from all over the world that have worked extremely hard and I am just so grateful to be among them and to have come this far.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that voted for Sammy and Gitters, without you this would have not been possible.

I would also like to especially thank Valerie, as if it was not for her hard work devoted to Bears&Buds none of us would be able to appreciate all the wonderful artist and their lovely creations.

Congratulations to all the other winners.

Thank you, Denise


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Category 14,  Entry 6

A Little Bit Wicked

Diana Watts

Naples, Florida - USA

I would like to thank all the people who have taken time to make these awards possible. From Valerie who puts in endless hours for our creations to be seen, to the artists who put in wonderful things that we could only pick one of, and to the wonderful collectors and friends that make our art possible.

Without all the above, our little ones would be sitting in our places getting admired by us only!

We really appreciate the collectors for coming to the shows, in person and online. Through all the uncertain times , you all have been great!

I really love creating new pieces. This one was inspired by my love of theatre; the show "Wicked " is one of my favorites. I have been to see it 4 times! Thanks for sharing my enthusiasm of Elphaba. Looking forward to seeing you all at a show soon.

Looking forward to next year's URSA Awards Competition too!

Bear Hugs, Diana


Teddy Treasury 2
Ken Yenke




Category 5, Entry 8


Category 15, Entry 4

Francesca Boretti


Rheinfelden, Argau - Switzerland

I feel honored and proud to be one of the finalists in this wonderful contest. It is the first time for me, and I feel grateful to everybody that took the time to vote and chose my creations. I’m sure it was a very difficult task, as there were so many beautiful ones to choose from.

A very special thanks goes to my parents and to my husband. It is thanks to my dear Mom and Dad that my creativity was always cherished and supported when I was a girl and it is now thanks to my husband’s patience and encouragement that I keep doing what I love.

I would like to dedicate this achievement to my grandmother, Clara. She is not with us anymore, but in my heart she is always with me and now she is the proudest grandma ever!






Silver Plate
Teddy Bear Bank

Category 16, Entry 1



Category 16, Entry 3

Harry The Dachshund

Haley Walker

Little Piggies Nursery

Hampshire, United Kingdom

This is the very first year I have taken part in the wonderful URSA Awards Competition.

I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to view and vote for their favourite entries in the great range and variety of categories – it must have been extremely difficult, as the standard of all the entries is just superb!

I am so delighted and excited that ‘Harry the Dachshund’, has become an URSA Award winner.

Harry and myself would like to personally thank everyone who felt him worthy of their valued vote.

I have always had a great passion and love of dogs and enjoy owning and caring for my wonderful companions. Having been a member of the Young Kennel Club here in the United Kingdom since a very early age, it was a natural progression that my artistic endeavours would be directed towards the creation of Lifelike Artist Dogs as well as Realistic Artist Bears.

Finally I would like to thank and congratulate, not only all the other highly talented competing artists from across the globe BUT also an enormous thank you to Valerie and the team at Bears&Buds for making this exciting competition possible.

I feel very humble and honoured to be included in such illustrious and talented company.

Doggy Hugs, Hayley


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Category 2, Entry 3


Heidi Schaefer

Edebaeren - Puppen und Baeren
Dreiech, Germany

Each time it is very exciting to take part on the URSA Awards Competition.

When the moment comes to see all the entries I am still fascinated how
many different lovely creations come from all over the world.

Sometimes you see an artist's work, which shows a new and unusual aspect. I hope somebody out there enjoys also my work.

So it is for me a special honour to reach the finals.

I want to give a huge bearhug to all the people who voted for my Sweetheart. I am very happy to be with the winners.

Friendly greetings from Germany and a special big bearhug for Valerie and her staff for all the work they do to make the URSA Award happen.




Category 3, Entry 10


Category 5, Entry 12

Tobias Crumb

Jacqui Ellerton

Jac-O-Lyn Bears
Macclesfield, Cheshire - UK

A huge thank you to everyone for taking the time to vote and take part in this years URSA Awards Competition.

As voters, you have made so many Artists feel that their talents, put into creating their bears and buds, are appreciated and admired.

This is what makes this competition special, as it is judged by collectors, readers of the Bears&Buds magazine and the general public.

To me this is one of the highest compliments you can have.

I am so thrilled to have had all of my entries be winners this year; Podge who is one of my new designs of wacky bear; Old Friends and Tobias Crumb from my Toy-Box Treasure Range.

It has been a great experience again and so much more fun being part of an interactive competition, and I would like to thank Valerie and her team for making it such a big success.

I look forward to participating again next year and cannot wait to see all the new entries from around the world.

A very big 'WELL DONE' to everybody.



Bears Repeating
Michaud's Book

Category 9, Entry 6
Old Friends


Category 4, Entry 3

Category 17, Entry 2

Jan Cuming


Wellington, New Zealand

An enormous thank you to the editor and staff of Bears&Buds for once again running the URSA Awards Competition. I can only imagine just how much work goes into organizing this annual event.

A huge thank you also for those wonderful people who voted for my bears. I hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them. I am grateful to each and every one of you.

Congratulations to all of the artists who entered this year.

It's inspirational!!!!

Thank you again.

Very best wishes,




Category 3, Entry 3


Category 6, Entry 2

Category 12, Entry 4


Joanne Livingston

Desert Mountain Bears
Phoenix, Arizona - USA

It is always so exciting to enter the URSA Awards.

It is even more exciting to find out that a bear that I have created has won an award.

This year I found out on my birthday, it was the best gift I could have ever received.

I would like to thank everyone who supported this year’s URSA Awards Competition by taking the time to vote.

I would also like to thank the other artists who took the time to enter.

I always look forward to seeing the entries.

Thank you Bears&Buds for the opportunity to have my bears seen by such a worldwide audience.

Every year I have people emailing me to say they saw my bears for the first time while voting in the URSA Awards Competition.




Dinner at Applebee's

Mohair from LouBear

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Category 15, Entry 10

Krista Griffiths

K Pawz Creations
Victoria, British Columbia Canada

Thank you so much to everyone who voted this year for all the amazing creations entered in the URSA Awards Competition!

You are the ones who keep us doing what we love to do!

Each year the calibre of entries is raised and the amount of new artists and new talent showing up is outstanding.

I am honored to share the winners circle with such talent and friends. Thank you for believing in yourselves enough to share your creations with the world

The real award for me is sharing a place on the podium with such outstanding talent!

Hugs, Krista

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Category 8, Entry 1

Lin Chamberlain

Pookie Bears by Lin Lee

Fort Wayne, Indiana - USA

I would like to thank my husband, Paul , my collectors and friends for voting for my giraffe –Suelar.

It is quite an honor to be selected for an URSA Award.

I have been designing bears, dolls and critters since 1998 and this is the first time I have entered.

A special thanks to Valerie for being the brain child of Bears&Buds and the URSA Awards Competition. I know she works very hard to promote the webzine and all the teddy bear artists and to keep teddy bear collecting going!

Again thanks to all who made this possible!

Pookie Bear Hugs, Lin Lee


Rhinestone jointed teddy bear necklace


Category 16, Entry 6

Lynn Bowie

Madabout Bears
Dairy, Ayrshire - Scotland

Once again I am totally delighted to have been a winner in the URSA Awards Competition.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote and a big "thank you" to Valerie for all her hard work and encouragement.

Every year the URSA's attract superb entries from top, and some of my personal favourite artists and I am humbled to be chosen as a winner amongst them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. xxx  Lynn

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Category 6 , Entry 4
Capt. Aramis Rex

Margaret Burke

Nikkel Bears

Culburra Beach, NSW - Australia


I would like to thank all of the wonderful Bears&Buds readers, my fabulous collectors, friends, family and everyone who voted for my bear Captain Aramis Rex in the 2012 URSA Awards.

I’m absolutely thrilled and honoured to have won this URSA Award – it was an absolute joy to create this custom order bear as a mascot for a very dear friend’s Sydney-based racing yacht, hence his nautical theme. 

I’d also like to use this opportunity to thank Valerie and the Bears & Buds team for organizing this wonderful showcase of international talent – without their dedication and hard work these awards wouldn’t be possible.

Hugs, Marg xx


Hugglets Guide


Category 10, Entry 2

Marion Fragile

Bearkidz by Marion Fraile
Charlotte, North Carolina USA

As in previous years, this year's URSA Awards Competition had again wonderful entries from all around the world and I am proud to be part of it.

With so many talented artists entering their work it was hard to pick only one entry in each category to vote for.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to Valerie and the Bears&Buds team for bringing Bears&Buds to us every month and for running the URSA Awards Competition.

And last but not least, a big thank you to all who have voted. Without you there wouldn't be a competition.

Bear Hugs, Marion


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Category 14, Entry 5

Mother Nature

Martha Burch

Martha's Bears

West Bend, Wisconsin - USA

I can not tell you all how honored I am that my bear has placed in the URSA Awards Competition.

It is an amazing thing to have people from all over the world like my work enough to vote for it and I thank each one of those who took the time to do so.

The workmanship represented in the URSA Awards Competition is stellar.

I am inspired every time I see the talent displayed in contests such as this.

I know that it makes me want to  strive to reach higher, do better and be more creative.

Thank you to Bears&Buds for giving us a platform from which we can "reach beyond the stars."


Case of Crafters Choice Poly-fil from Fairfield




Category 9, Entry 5

Patrick & Little Rudi


Melanie Ansems

Mellisea Creations

Landgraaf, Limburg

The Netherlands

I was really happy as I found out that Patrick and little Rudi where winners of the URSA Awards 2012!

Joining for the first time, being new in the bear making business and being surrounded by so many good and professional artists, I never thought I would even make it into the finals!

Congratulations to all the other winners! Well done!

A very big THANK YOU to everybody who voted. THANK YOU!!!

Thanks to my husband who is my biggest fan (who is my biggest fan).

Thank you to all my friends, colleague’s, readers and fellow bear makers! It means so much to me. Your support gives me strength and motivate me!!!

And last but not least: I would also like to thank Valerie and everybody from Bears&Buds for hosting such an amazing, inspiring competition!

I can't wait to take part again next year!

Sincerely yours, Melanie


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Category 11, Entry 1





Silke Borrmann

The Mountaineers

Gosiar, Niedersachsen - Germany

When I received an email from Valerie, I couldn’t believe that I

am a finalist again!

I would like to thank all who participated in this year URSA Award Competition, all who voted for "Miki" and many thanks to Valerie and her team for the excellent organization.

The wonderful news reached me in France. I was a little bit frustrated because the weather was so hot and the town totally crowded. The news saved my holidays!

Warmest regards,




Don't Feed The Bears



Category 11, Entry 4

Earl Grey

Stephanie Raye

Burring Bears

Burringbar, NSW - Australia

I am so proud that Earl Grey has been chosen as an URSA Award winner for 2012.

I would like to thank everyone who voted for any of the wonderful creations in this years awards, as without voters, there would be no awards and a huge thank you to everyone who voted for Earl Grey.

Also a big thank you to Valerie and the whole Bears&Buds team for organizing such a wonderful competition.

Congratulations to all the winners!

I am already looking forward to next years URSA Awards Competition.

Thanks so much, Stephanie.

Hugglets Guide


Category 10, Entry 3


Sue Pendleton

Bluebeary Treasures

Kerrville, Texas - USA

I'm very excited to have been a part of the URSA Awards Competition this year.

My thanks to Valerie Rogers for hosting this wonderful event.

It is truly humbling to be represented among so many exceptionally talented artists.

I'm also sending a big thank you to all the folks who took time to vote in the competition.

Hugs, Sue


Category 4, Entry 4


Tatiana Scalozub

Odessa, Ukraine

This year is very important for me.

I have visited no one exhibition, made very few bears, no activity in blogs and no pattern for sale.

But . . . I have become mother for the fourth time and this makes me happy!

I am sure I will return to my bear activity as soon as my baby gives me possibility.

I am very grateful to you for all your votes. I appreciate your compassion for my contest bear since she was made during my pregnancy and ended when I already had my child.

This win inspires me to create new bears and friends!

Thank you and best wishes!


Brown Plush



Category 1, Entry 5

Category 3, Entry 5


Terrie Kalaputas

Terries Bears
Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada

Thank you so much to all who voted for my bears.

It is such an honor to have 3 of them receive an award among so many adorable bears and talented artists.

I love to create bears and it is so rewarding when others love the bears that I make.

Thank you also to Bears&Buds for hosting this fun competition. There are always interesting categories to enter as well as being a wonderful worldwide platform to showcase our bears.

Thanks so much again!

Hugs, Terrie


Standing Black Bear

Category 17, Entry 1



Category 11, Entry 3


Veronika Heck


Schleswig-Holstein, Germany


I am very excited and feel much honored to have won an URSA Award!

Being relatively new to the bear world, I entered the URSA Awards Competition for the first time.

I really had no idea what to expect.

It has been wonderful to participate and I am already looking forward to being part of the next URSA Awards Competition.

I would like to thank all of you, who voted in the URSA Awards. It is your votes that make the Awards possible.

I would also like to thank Valerie and the Bears&Buds team for organizing this wonderful showcase and giving me the honor to have my bear Yuki seen by so many people.

It means the world to me as a ‘newbie’ to win such a prestigious award and I will treasure it forever.

Beary big Hugs, Vero


Polar Bear Mug,

Coaster and Tin


Category 1, Entry 1

Baby Marlon

Wendy Walker

M. E. Bears

Queensland - Australia

This win is so unexpected!

I only heard about the URSA Awards Competition last year and this is the first time I have entered.

There are two people I would like to thank. Firstly, Loris Hancock of Studio 70, whom I met in about 1995, when she praised my very first miniature bear. It is because of Loris that I chose miniature bears as my choice of size.

And secondly, I recently had great pleasure when Felicia Hymer (The Bear Scout) asked if she could be my agent in the USA. Felicia has given me the confidence to finally enter some International Bear Competitions.

I also wish to say a big thank you to EVERYONE who voted for me AND a big thanks to all the brilliant artists who entered - without all of you there would not have been such a wonderful International competition like this!

Finally and most importantly thanks to Valerie and Bears&Buds Magazine for holding these awards!

HUGS to you all, WENDY xx

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Bungalow Bears
Kayleigh Forster

Seraphim Bears
Michele Seraphim

YoYo Bears
Yolanda Levy

Chantal Bears
Chantal Giroux


Happy Tymes Collectibles
Bev White

Pinney Bears
Margaret Jackson


Veronika Heck

Silver Fairy
Gloria Handicraft Studio
Gloria Chan


Sammi the Rat
Lombard Bears Australia
Linda Down

Alice Wong Bears
Wong Wan Sze Alice

Anna Goncharova


All the entries in Category 19 according to size and it is the ARTIST that bring the pattern to life!

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Category 15, Entry 10

URSA Major Award!


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Krista Griffiths



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